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Kevin Spreekmeester


Kevin Spreekmeester

Mike Beedell took this picture of me in Churchill, Manitoba. I like it because it makes me look like a real “out there” type of guy. I also like it because I’m wearing my favorite beaver pelt hat. Aside from the fact that it’s really warm, strands of beaver fur fall down in front of my eyes and it reminds me of years ago when I had hair!

This little blurb of copy is meant to give you a good sense of who I am. It’s supposed to tell you a little bit about my personality, how easy I am to work with, how I don’t melt into a puddle of mush when the pressure’s on, how bad my jokes are and so on. It’s supposed to provide you with enough information to maybe buy my stock images, hire me for an assignment, follow me on a tour, or come out to a presentation I’m giving. Hmmmm! That’s quite a lot to ask for a little blurb of copy, but I’ll give it a try.

Aside from my family (because they might read this) there’s nothing I love more than making pictures. If I couldn’t be a photographer, I’d have a problem because the only other thing I ever really wanted to be was a professional soccer player and according to those who know, it ain’t gonna happen. I love photography so much that I gave up a fifteen-year career, making much better money working in the advertising world, so that I could carry a Nikon full-time!

It all started in and around 1998 and it’s the longest I’ve ever stayed at one job in my life. My boss (who is me, not my wife as some people might suggest) is not an easy guy to work for! I have to be in my office by 6:30am everyday and I’ll often stay long into the evening or weekend, of course I am allowed to leave if I have things to photograph. He, my boss that is, pays me no more for all of this, but allows me to continue doing what I love. He believes that if we work hard, treat our customers honestly, fairly and with integrity we’ll have them for life. He’s clearly an idealist! He’s also much nicer to our customers than he is to me. You know we’ve never had a company Christmas party, that’s just wrong!

The office is set up in a very secret suburb near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I can’t tell you exactly where because it’s like guarding the Caramilk secret. But most of our work is done on location so it really doesn’t matter. Anyway, in case this hasn’t given you enough information to keep surfing my site, call me or even better, let’s go for a beer because after a few good Canadian brewskies in me, you’ll know more about me than you ever wanted!