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In todays digital world, many photographers think that there's no need to filter work as so much can be done in the computer during post-production. The fact of the matter is that getting your image right, in camera, in the field is still your best option! To that end, check out the high-quality filters available through Singh-Ray. The people at Singh-Ray invest heavily in research to ensure that you're putting the best crafted glass over that expensive lens on your camera. Don't compromise on optics.

Daryl Benson I am proud to say that I now traveled and collaborated with Daryl Benson on a number of occasions. His work is unparallel, his wit and generosity unmatched. If you are surfing the web seeking photography that will inspire you to be more creative, check out Daryl's site.
Dale Wilson Photography

Dale Wilson is not only a great photographer, but he's the best company you can get over a pint of beer and a good Maritime Scoff... speaking of which, if you like hearty, down-home cooking, check out his new book (on his website) "Another Newfoundland Scoff"!

Amplis Photo
There are only a few companies that actively support the amateur and professional photography industry in Canada with an on-going commitment. Amplis is one of them. They go beyond selling products, to supporting creative growth. Make sure you check out their website and product line-up.
canada goose
Canada Goose make the warmest parkas on the planet. Evidence of that are the warehouses in Christchurch, New Zealand that are supply scientists who are leaving for Antarctica. The company will be 50 years old next year. It'd family owned and Canadian. All production done here in Canada too. These jackets are the type of product that becomes your best friend when shooting in the elements. Don't take my word for it, try one on!

Daymen Photo Marketing

I have worked with the support of the people at Daymen since I began my career as a photographer. With brands like, Epson, Lowepro, Sandisk and others, they represent some of the finest products in the Canadian photographic industry. Check their website for a complete line-up of product.

Fun Link

Okay, I may be giving away my true colours in this section of the website... but it is meant to be "Fun Links".
Outdoor Photographer Magazine Logo

Outdoor Photographer Magazine
All you need to know, with contributions from some of the world's finest shooters.

Outdoor Photography Canada
Finally a new magazine that celebrates the greatest country on the planet... Canada. Take a look on-line and on the shelf. It features a few of my colleagues and friends as contributors and I have the honour of being the New Gear Columnist. Please help to support a great Canadian initiative.
PC Photo Magazine Logo PCPhoto Magazine
One of the most practical guides available to digital imaging.
rob galbraith
Rob's website has become a regular stop for me. His information on digital imaging is always current and well handled!
Polar Bears International
Polar bears are considered the present day "canary in the mine" as it relates to global warming. As go they, so goes us! Please take a look at the fine work that Polar Bears International are doing to help ensure the survival of the species. Because by saving Polar bears we are in fact saving the environment.
Miami Dolphins Logo Official Site of the Miami Dolphins
canadiens Official Site of the World's greatest Hockey Team!



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