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What a trip. Let me start by thanking all of the participants involved in this program. You each played a role in making the trip a success for the entire group. Then a special thanks to Freeman Patterson, Colla and Brian in Kamieskroon who each in their own special way inspired the group to capture the world with enthusiasm and heart. The lessons learned will not soon be forgotten.

Kevin and Colla - by: James Armstrong

(left to right): Roslyn , Brian, Freeman, Colla,
Kevin and Keith - by: James Armstrong

Deanna and children of Nourivier


Canon Lodge Sunrise

Namibian Dune 45

Baboon at Tinga Lodge, Kruger Park

Roman Ruins, Dougga, Tunisia

Sand Dunes, Sahara Desert, Tunisia

Camels in Sahara, Tunisia

Desert storm, Tunisia

Sands of Time, Tunisia

Mosque, Tunisia




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