Over my last couple of weeks in Naples, I was determine to photograph the many, many birds we’d see on morning walks to Clam Pass, a migratory stop for birds such as Royal Terns, Black Skimmers, Sanderlings and more. Getting my timing right was a chore. I needed the sun on the right side of the birds. I needed the birds to be there when I was there. I needed to get close enough with disturbing them and they were often on the other side of a small inlet that was passible or not depending on the tide, or the size of the waves. Lastly, to make a good picture, I needed some action. On the day that I took this picture I had everything except action. The birds were in no hurry to move. I stood hip deep in the water, holding my camera above my head to avoid the salt water for 15 minutes before my patience was rewarded. In an instant the colony exploded in flight. I have no idea which one of them signalled the movement, called the order to move, or simply got bored sitting there, but it was fantastic. What a sight! I had maybe 45 seconds of movement before they all settled again. So thankful to experience these moments.