Public Speaking

The last thing I thought I’d be doing after my time at Canada Goose is public speaking. I’m not sure why because the truth is I’ve been speaking publically for many years. I began by hosting two TV shows on CFCF (Montreal’s CTV affiliate) while in university. Later in my career I was hired by Fujifilm to cross Canada talking to very diverse groups of people about digital photography. Then as head of marketing at Canada Goose I often spoke publicly about topics that varied from counterfeit to branding campaigns, to audiences that ranged from the Canadian senate, to national news shows, university groups and industry events.

Today, the story I am asked about most is “How did Canada Goose happen?” and I am really enjoying talking about it. I tell the story from my perspective, to the degree you can in just under an hour! I pack in a number of insights that I’ve gained along the way that you can only discover if you’ve lived it. If you want my take on how we built an authentic brand, it’s a pretty fantastic adventure that I think is applicable to many businesses and I’d love to share with you.

“Kevin spoke to our annual employee conference and impressed everyone from the young idealists to the seasoned veterans. He is a great storyteller in sharing the success of the Canada Goose brand and delivers his content in a down to earth and highly engaging manner. We’ll book him again.”
- Bruce MacLellan, CEO, Environics Communications

“Kevin isn’t a stereotypical speaker that relies on bravado and theatrics. He has a quiet, yet bold approach to storytelling, and he exudes authenticity which is a very powerful way to connect with audiences.”
- Dani Reiss, President & CEO, Canada Goose Inc.

“To say Kevin is a natural storyteller significantly understates his ability to captivate an audience. His stories entertain and inspire as he speaks with experience, enthusiasm and most importantly, from the heart.”

- Carrie Baker, Chief of Staff, SVP Corporate Communication, Canada Goose Inc.