A massive mural of diamonds, topaz and sapphires confronted our minuscule zodiacs. There was nothing to do but sit in silent fascination at the wonders of this planet that we too often take for granted. How these things existed in the world outside my suburban home was for me, as much a question of thanks and frustration. So few of us are privileged enough to experience the energizing magic of unspoiled places. I suppose that’s what keeps them unspoiled, but it also keeps them from being saved. The Greenlandic glacier before us had been there for many, many thousands of years, helping maintain a perfect climactic balance for survival on our little blue planet. And really, in less than the last hundred years we have managed to threaten it all. C’mon people, we can be better than that! That’s what @guestbookearth is all about, acknowledging that we are just guests here and being grateful in every sense of the word for what we have.