Dogs, dolphins and elephants. It is curious how universally these animals are beloved by humans – sorry cat owners, no matter how much your cat is really “just like a dog” they don’t rank and you know it or you’d never say things like this. Every other species on the planet has its fans, but it’s hard to find people who are not drawn to dogs, dolphins and elephants. This picture was taken on safari in Kruger Park. I have many other wider shots of elephants spraying dirt over their backs, gathering a calf or two into the protection of the herd and elephants just being elephants. But this may be my favourite. If I were to put “human” qualities on it, as we often do, I’d suggest that I see the wrinkles of wisdom, a knowing eye and an animal clearly capable of much damage, taking the time to quietly observe and allow me to enjoy its world. I never take these moments for granted and I can never get enough of them.