I took this picture roughly 15 years ago on a trip to Tunisia. I was concerned about climate change even back then but also believed that people, businesses and government would see the urgency to act responsibly and good sense would prevail, thus saving the planet and species that live here. I was naive. The United Nations climate chief’s most recent scientific warning is that we have approximately 144 months before the destiny of the human race is sealed and bound for extinction, like Dodo birds and dinosaurs. I guess we aren’t that much smarter after all. Argue this if you wish, however you wish and to whatever end your argument may serve your self-interest. While you argue and debate and wring your hands and make excuses for lack of, or no action at all, the months quietly pass by. Most people believe someone, somewhere, or “people” will eventually create a rallying cry that will motivate the businesses and governments that create or allow the greatest amount of carbon emissions, to act responsibly and there will be a just-in-time happy ending. That would be nice. I’m all for it – but much of the oil industry for example, knew about the threats of climate change 30 years ago, have done nothing about it and have no plans to change. Why would anyone believe that any person or organization would put the greater good before personal interest before the next 12 summers have passed? 12 summers. I remember 12 summers ago like it was yesterday and I will remember this summer to come in 12 years with wonder at where the time has gone? We will be distracted by the next two years of US elections, summer and then winter Olympics, and then summer Olympics once more. We will patiently await new devices, or toys months before they arrive.  We will gather to mourn the loss of those close to us and to celebrate the birth of fresh, happy little humans. We will each face personal challenges and anniversaries that help us mark the passage of time. There will always be a reason why climate change is not the most important issue in our lives. And all that while, nature will move ahead doing what it does, changing and evolving in front of our eyes without concern for our individual needs. I may not even be around to experience the worst of climate change, but my children will. They will be faced with circumstances that no amount of money, love or reassuring words will ever be able to fix. They will have to seriously consider the humanity of bringing future generations into the world because their children, my grandchildren, will become the first generation of solar babies. A generation that will live with blazing hot no-go zones here on Earth, with mass migrations of desperate populations that are forced to find refuge as the sun heats the planet intolerably. #guestbookearth has and will continue to be my way of appreciating all the amazing things this planet has to offer and to celebrate how fortunate I believe I am to be a guest here, today. I continue to hope that others would join me in celebrating the wonders of everyday life through #guestbookearth so we can remind as many people as possible what we stand to lose. There is still time for change, but not if left to others.